Smart Mobility Hub

Our Smart Mobility Hub platform is designed to be very easily modifiable meaning that it can cater your needs directly and changes to the functionality are very low cost.

SMH as a modern bus stop

The Smart Mobility Hub is a digital, user friendly service information centre on schedules, routes, traffic updates and more. Being solar- and grid-powered, SMH makes it easy to deploy transport information boards city-wide on in rural areas, lowering implementation costs and decreasing operational work.

The Smart Bus Stop gives public transportation an option to present information and interact with the users in a timely fashion using less time and energy.

Why needed?

Autonomous buses enable new approaches to the city infrastructure to provide new opportunities and capabilities to the citizens driving autonomous buses. Autonomous buses will help to increase traffic safety and optimization of the traffic network.

What it offers?

A bus stop which enables on-demand bus routing and scheduling for increased optimization of the traffic network. In addition to self-driving buses, the smart public transportation system includes smart bus stops and a software platform that facilitates communication between all parts of the system and, prospectively, with regular public transportation systems. The goal of the system is to collect real-life experience and continue developing the self-driving buses as a natural extension of public transport.

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